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About Jinyun
Jinyun County, dating back to the year 696 (the Tang Dynasty) with an area of 1503 square km and a population of 444,000, consists of 8 towns, 8 townships and 2 rural administrative offices, with 642 administrative villages in their charge. Located in the north of Lishui Prefecture, which is in central and southern Zhejiang Province, Jinyun is surrounded by Xianju and Yongjia on the east, Qingtian on the south, Liandu and Wuyi on the west and Yongkang and Pan'an on the north. With its developed transportation network of highway, freeway and railway, Jinyun is easy and convenient to travel to from all directions, which makes it possible for Jinyun to develop its economy and society in a preferable way. LOL电竞下注app
  In addition to its advantages in location and transportation, Jinyun has its own characteristics. Jinyun Duck, dating back to over 300 years ago, has advantages over other types of ducks in growing period, egg producing, feed saving and virus fighting. Since the 1980s, the beginning of reform and opening up, Jinyun Duck farming has been fast developing in some developed areas such as Shanghai and Guangdong, which has brought great fame to Jinyun Duck. Hence, Jinyun was awarded with the title of "China Duck Town" by the State Council in 1997.
  Jinyun is also famous for its long history of more than 1,300 years and natural scenery. Dating from the Tang Dynasty, Wuyunzhen, the capital town of Jinyun, is typical of its stone streets, stone bridges and stone houses, which gets Wuyunzhen its name "Stone Town" . Besides, more than 200 films were set in Xiandu Scenic Spot in Jinyun for its beautiful natural scenery----unique stones of Huangshan Mountain's, gorgeous mountains like Huashan Mountain and clear green water like that in Guilin, which deserves the titles of National Key Place of Interest of 4 A level, National Photographing Base and Provincial Top Ten Resort. Dinghu Peak is the heart of Xiandu resort, which is a170.8-meter-tall stalagmite mountain in the shape of a huge bamboo shoot and known as "No 1 Stalagmite Stone " in the world. And Huangdi, who was said to have searched for medicine for immortal life in Jinyun and is respected and honored as the first grandfather of the Chinese Han Nationality, has played an important part in the communication with North China, where Huangdi was said to have passed away. And the Huangdi Temple is the symbol of Huandi Culture, where ceremonies of honoring Huangdi are held every year.And Heyang Village, built in the Ming and Qing Dynasties and the best preserved of its kind in Jinyun, is also an attractive place LOL电竞下注appfor tourists. Besides its beautiful natural scenery, Jinyun is well known for its eco-tourism, which has won Jinyun the title of "China Best Eco-Tourism County" based on its top quality of eco-environment in which Jinyun comes the 37th out of the 2348 counties all over China and the 14th out of all the counties in Zhejiang Province, an important part of "Zhejiang Green Valley", which is an area of eco-environment in Zhejiang.
  Jinyun is especially rich in natural resources like minerals and water resources. More than 0.13 billion tons of zeolite has been explored, which makes it the largest amount of zeolite in our country. And the unique way of making use of water resources by building water power stations at different levels has won its technique training base for small water power stations in Asian-Pacific areas designated by the UN.
  Jinyun has attached even greater importance to education, which makes it a good example for the counties around to follow in hard work and scientific teaching methods. People in all walks of life in Jinyun , especially the parents of students, put education in the first place of all, which was praised by former vice premier Li Lanqing.
  Guided by the CPC's Scientific Outlook on Development----develop our country scientifically and harmoniously and the polices at provincial and city levels, Jinyun has made great progress in the development of economy and society, aiming to develop Jinyun in a harmonious , vigorous, creative and open-minded way, which is certain to change Jinyun into a powerful and developed county from all aspects. The figures below show how fast Jinyun is developing. The GDP of Jinyun reached 6.726 billion yuan, 16.5% more thanLOL电竞下注appthat of 2006 with per capita GDP reaching 2,000 dollars. In 2007, the gross output value of industry in Jinyun was 14.405 billion yuan, 30.5% more than that in 2006. And the gross output value of agriculture in Jinyun was 0.948 billion yuan, 7% more than that in 2006. The financial revenue of 2007 in Jinyun was 0.784 billion yuan, 30.6% more than that in 2006,including local financial revenue of 0,384 billion yuan, 34.8% more than that in 2006. Urban residents' per capita annual income was 16,251 yuan, 15.3% more than that in 2006. Rural residents' per capita annual income was 4,533 yuan, 10.9% more than that in 2006. In the first half of 2008, the GDP of Jinyun was 3.57 billion yuan, 13.9% more than that in the same period in 2007. In the first three quarters, the gross output value of industry in Jinyun was 14.36 billion yuan, 38.8% more than that in the same period of 2006 and the financial revenue was 0.69 billion yuan, 16% more than that in the same period of 2007, including local financial revenue of 0.32 billion yuan, 11.6% more than that in the same period of 2007. And urban residents' per capita income in this period was 13,700 yuan, 12.5% more than that in the same period of 2007, while rural residents' per capita income was 4,692 yuan , 16.4% more than that in the same period of 2007.
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